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Speed is essential when building materials and contents are water damaged. Every hour the building and contents are wet increases the drying time making the recovery more costly. Our emergency response team can be there within 1-2 hours.

Mold and sewage backups contaminate indoor environments and create unhealthy and possibly dangerous conditions and degrade building materials. We follow the EPA and IICRC approved S520 standards to safely contain and remove mold.

A hidden danger in your home or business, mold can harbour in areas that have been affected by water damage and moisture, and even grow in highly humid areas. Some toxic molds can be lethal if exposed to or inhaled for long periods of time. Don’t let a mold issue go unadressed.

Do you have water spots and think you have a water leak but don’t know where it’s coming from? Maybe you have a dripping tap, leaking toilet or weak plumbing? Whatever the case, detecting a water leak is a very important issue, not to be taken lightly.

Fire Damage ranges from smoke damage to being burnt completely. If the extent of damage is less furniture clothes and other such things can be refurbished after the fire has ended. There are two types of fire damages – Odor and Soot.

Cleaning up bodily fluids and hazardous materials can be a difficult task which only trained and experienced professionals should perform. Attention to detail and cleanliness is imperative as many biohazard materials can cause future problems such as health issues, bad odors and diseases.

A complete plumbing service at your disposal. We do it all, from minor plumbing repairs and appliance installations, to complete home re-piping. If its plumbing related, we handle it. Best of all, we offer same day repairs and installations for your convenience and offer extremely competitive pricing.

Our repair and remodel services means we can help with your issue from start to finish. No need to hire several companies and deal with different contractors for each stage of your project. As general contractors, we conduct all repairs after damage from kitchens to bathrooms, flooring, painting and more.

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1st Priority Restoration

Our entire team takes pride in the work we’re able to accomplish. Treating every client like family and every home as if it was our own. Look no further for a competent, experienced and caring restoration company.

Client Testimonials

"1st Priority Restoration was a pleasure to work with. They came out right away and began removing all the water from our kitchen and living room and dried all the walls and flooring in just a few days. They are a competent and professional group of people. We're very happy."
Mark Glusman
"The mold removal process was seamless. Of course it was a huge inconvenience to have mold in my home, but they made the entire experience fast and easy, and repaired all the drywall and put in new cabinets. Best of all it cost me nothing upfront, insurance covered it all."
Esther Schneider
“I've had 3 plumbers come out to try to find a leak with no luck. 1st Priority was a last resort and I'm glad I called them. They found the leak within the first 20 minutes. You can tell they know what they're doing and they have equipment none of the plumbers had.”
Sophia Perez